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And now for something completely different …..

It was purely by chance that I discovered the incidental benefits of satin in the bedroom.  Being a ‘goth’ my natural affinity for black and the fabric satin led me to invest in a black satin duvet cover and sheet set many years ago when such items first became generally available and on sale in the various mail order catalogues. 

Sitting down on the edge of the bed for the first time, wearing sleepwear also made of satin, I almost slid off the bed onto the floor!  But that danger aside the benefits are immense.  Whereas with cotton bedding turning and moving about in bed for me was often previously a difficult energy-requiring manouevre now movement is much easier thanks to the lack of friction.  The fabric is just as easy to launder and feels cool to the touch whilst still warming quickly once in contact with the skin.  These properties seem to soothe and complement the side effects of arthritis, the stiffness and inflammation in the joints.

Satin sheets might seem to be the perogative of the young and sexually ambitious but for anyone with mobility problems in bed who has yet to try sleeping on satin there might be an improvement in lifestyle in store.



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