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I’ve now had four sessions in the hydrotherapy pool with two more to come before the course is completed.  The first one or two although enjoyable enough seemed very brief and I didn’t seem to do much.  The fourth class was the best to date and I enjoyed moving about more in the warm water and for a longer period of time.  Each time they warn that I might feel achey and tired the following day and they always ask at the beginning of a session how I was after the last one.  My answers are pretty much the same each time – I ache and feel tired out every day lol.  But in retrospect I think I do suffer a little more than usual the day following, but it’s worth it. 

I asked for physio help because of my lumbar pain and stiffness.  By the time my normal physio appointments began I had increasing arm and shoulder pain.  This has continued and worsened since last year and I am thankful that the hydrotherapy sessions have so far allowed me a relatively pain free way to keep all my joints moving.  Until my condition worsened last autumn we went swimming once or twice a month at a very small pool which is part of a local gym.  It tends to be quite a quiet and safe environment which I have been able to make use of for the past few years but as I am at present there are problems in my using the facility.  The water is a little too cold for me and I would have trouble using the changing facilities on my own.  I was hoping that in time I would feel stronger and more able to cope back at the gym pool but I have a way to go before I dare risk it I think.

I shall be sorry when my hydro sessions finish.  I think they should be available to all those with Rheumatoid Arthritis  and similar conditions.  Doctors seem to be able to prescribe all manner of new pills and potions but it seems to me that sometimes these basic (old fashioned) therapies and good interactive nursing care can achieve similar results without such dreadful side effects.  Despite the otherwise wondrous things on offer via our NHS hospitals in Leeds, for which I am truly grateful, the hydro pool is, as far as I am aware, only open for two days a week the last appointments being at 2.30pm and the pool itself in very small holding a crammed maximum of six people (two therapists and four patients).  When I attended the hydrotherapy department at Harrogate Spa Baths in the 1950s it was a far superior process.  Nurses wrapped me in warm towels after the session and left me to rest on a bed for twenty minutes before getting dressed.  I even once had one of the peat baths mentioned on this webpage:


If I had sufficient money and a younger business partner I would open business comprising warm therapy pools that people could pay to use and I’d provide them with trained therapists to look after them whilst they enjoyed the benfits of the healing heat and lack of gravity.


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