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So the improvemnt in my condition turned out to be short-lived.  Still, there WAS an actual improvement and for that I am grateful.  It’s wonderful to be reminded what a day without pain is like.  On Wednesday evening I was able to lift both arms independently above my head!  Sadly, although the lack of stiffness allowed for this at that time, and does no longer, I suspect that the sudden use of weakened muscles and tendons is now causing some of the pain that has returned.  Whether this brief pain-free interlude was as a result of my body fighting off the cold or just a slight hint that my drug-free treatment regime is beginning to work, only more time will tell.  I am however left wondering, has anyone else experienced an improvemnt in their RA symptons whilst ill with the common cold ?


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strange respite

I have had a very bad cold for the past three days but strangely my RA pain and discomforts seem to have eased a little at the same time!  No major improvements, just an improved sense of general all-over mobility.  I have been able to turn over in bed during the nightimes without the huge struggle and effort I have got used to having to expend.  My arm has had the strength to lift the duvet cover on its own rather than with the help of my other ‘good’ arm.  And I don’t feel so utterly leaden as of the past three or four months.  I’ve been taking paracetamol for my cold symptons but it seems only to lift my headache and I don’t think it is having any effect elsewhere.  Maybe instead of my body’s defences fighting amongst themselves as they do in RA they are otherwise engaged and busy fighting the cold germs instead.  Whatever the reason I’m hoping this might be a turning point in this long-lasting flare that I’ve been experiencing.

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So I have now been trying to eat myself well for the past two months.  Since I started the new diet on 7th December I have done reasonably well at eating and drinking the the things that are required but it has been harder avoiding many of the things which are not allowed.  I have eaten occasional white bread, red meat, fried food, the odd tomato and my usual alcohol amounts (beer and lager).  By rights I should be the nutritionally healthiest old crock in the village what with the various supplements, but sadly I can report no wonder cure as yet.  This flare which I am struggling with is definitely the longest and  worst I can recall.  I’m just hoping that when (if!) it ever comes to an end that I’ll be in better shape to avoid such bad ones in the future.  I keep wondering if the fact that I came off twenty years of HRT last summer (for reasons too complicated to go into here now) might have something to do with initiating things…. ?  I wonder if there has been any research on this?  Anyway, two months down and ten to go to give things a fair chance.  More updates about other aspects of the ~treatment~ to follow soon.

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