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For two or three days about a week ago I was aware of some tangible improvement.  It happened to coincide with the spell of warm sunshiney weather and I was able to get out and potter about sowing seeds and tidying the greenhouses for an hour of two each day.  The dreadful fatigue and very limited mobility in my arms lessened and I could hang washing on the line better and was more easily able to lift my legs to get in and out of the car.  Once again I thought maybe things were changing for the better, then followed a few days of back to square one again.  Whilst my shoulder pain might have lessened a little even so, my hands have been particularly painful in recent days.  I even noticed what appeared to be a Stills rash on them two mornings ago.  Today has been a slight improvement again, but not as good as last weekend.  Since I last posted though I have only resorted to taking one single aspirin, so I am truly doing this drug-free.  More about my diet and other aspects on the treatment in posts to follow.


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