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I have dedicated a separate page of this blog (https://phyzzezee.wordpress.com/introducing-the-phyzzezee-rizer-an-original-design-by-phyzzezee/) describing the development of my invention, a portable riser cushion, designed as an aid to help those who have difficulty sitting on seating that is too low for them to safely or comfortably access whilst out and about.   Whilst other ‘cushions’ are available all the ones I have seen seem to be designed with spinal comfort rather than lift in mind, and most are not easily portable, thus my design seems to me to be unique.   Here again are the pictures and details of what is available:

I have named my invention the PhyzzEzee Rizer because although it looks like a bag, the bag is merely a carrier for a riser cushion.  The bag is made of smooth, lightweight but durable waterproof fabric, in a dark forest green colour that tones well with most outfits.

It has a full length zip, and a strap so it can be worn over the shoulder.  The removable foam riser cushion meets fire regulation requirements and is available in different qualities varying in performance, weight and price.  I have also made the PhyzzEzee Rizer in two sizes:  there is the basic 34cm  square and, for the larger person, or someone who needs spare cushioning for painful arthritic hands when lifting themselves, the 34cm x 44cm rectangle.

All variations are non-bulky and  lightweight enough to be  comfortable to carry and ‘wear’ without causing the user extra stress.  The addition of a simple D-clip to the front strap means that a wrist purse (as in the picture on the beach)

or walking stick loop can easily be attached if required, for example when needing both hands free at a shop counter or till.

I have a few bags ready for immediate sale but once these are gone the PhyzzEzee Rizer will be available only by pre-order, with a 20% deposit payable at the time of ordering.  The sizes and prices available are as follows:

PhyzzEzee Rizer Basic – 34cm square x 7cm deep with basic foam cushion …………….. total price £24.00 plus P&P

with extra firm cushion ……………… total price £33.00 plus P&P

PhyzzEzee Rizer Large – 34cm x 44cm x 7cm deep with basic foam cushion …………… total price £28.00 plus P&P

with firm cushion ……………………. total price £38.00 plus P&P

The variation in prices reflect mainly the difference in the cost of the foam inserts.  The basic foam is acceptably adequate, especially for someone wanting to try out the product to see how useful it might be to them.  The Firm and Extra Firm cushions are considerably more expensive but provide better lift and cushioning for uneven or lower surfaces.  The basic foam is also a little lighter to carry.  It is possible to buy an additional cushion at a later date for interchangeable use with the same bag.  Prices for a cushion  insert alone will be supplied on request to any previous customer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please email me at  trish@black-mail.co.uk  .

P&P and payment options will be offered to suit individual requirements.


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