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I heard on the news this morning that a young women aged twenty-five had died last night outside in the snow.  It is not yet clear whether she fell or was taken ill but one wonders if she was conscious whether she had a mobile phone with her to be able to summon help.

A few years ago during similar weather conditions one night one of our friends  was out walking his dog in some local woods when he slipped and broke his leg.  He was unable to raise the alarm by mobile  because there was no signal and had he not been able to slowly and painfully crawl out of the wood and to the nearest house he too would have succumbed to a cold death.

Because of my condition, falling is my greatest fear and I don’t set foot outside if there is a risk of slipping on ice.  I don’t go walking down our (very) long garden if I am home alone in case I fall.  Even then, I take a phone with me;  but this can be a problem sometimes if I don’t have a pocket to carry it in.

My mother in her later years had Aid Call which saved her life a couple of times.  That system, and others like it, require the wearing of a device around the neck or wrist which can easily be pressed to summon help, but such services usually cost money and may not be a sufficiently justified expense for some less at-risk people.  Having one’s mobile always to hand could be a really useful if slightly less reliable alternative.  To this end I have made a little holster to carry my mobile and wear around my neck  when I am home alone.  It’s knitted from scraps of leftover yarn, and I may make several to compliment different outfits.


I think I will also make a few when time permits and put them up for sale on my blog in case others are interested but unable to make their own.


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