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Detergent difficulties

Some time ago I changed from using liquid detergents to gel. This was because lifting heavy containers of liquid and then needing to carefully pour into a small container with one hand was problematical for me. Also, only having one eye, my spatial awareness is not always very exact and liquids make a drippy mess when I judge the distances badly. The newer gel versions of the same detergents however are more easily managed, or so I thought until recently when I have discovered a different problem particular to them alone. All is wonderful when the container is new and full but once down to the last 20% or so suddenly it becomes impossibly difficult to squeeze the container hard enough and long enough to get enough gel out for a wash. I have had to resort to asking my husband’s help for the past few weeks in order to use up the contents of the two gel detergents in the picture, and even he has had to struggle, saying it needs the strength of a gorilla to get the last stuff out! I’m guessing it’s probably something that happens with all the various brands. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s a shame because otherwise I find the gels a much cleaner and easier alternative, but for the time being I’ve reverted to using liquid, at least until the pain and weakness in my hands reduces, if ever.




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