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10620568_695275277232322_5019161922618687253_n10659307_695275383898978_7830724082724100418_nFive items in my repeat prescription bag today, but they are never quite the same. I keep re-adjusting the medicine cabinets to accommodate the packages but just when I get everything fitting nicely in the pharmacy sends a different brand of pills for one of the items! This time it was the statins. The new boxes are an entirely different shape and size to my last lot. The first picture shows what I was expecting to receive, whilst the second one shows the difference between the expected item and what I actually received this time around. It’s rather inconvenient but it must be very confusing for very elderly patients or those in the early stages of dementia. I guess the pharmacy must just buy whatever brand is on the best offer!

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Detergent difficulties

Some time ago I changed from using liquid detergents to gel. This was because lifting heavy containers of liquid and then needing to carefully pour into a small container with one hand was problematical for me. Also, only having one eye, my spatial awareness is not always very exact and liquids make a drippy mess when I judge the distances badly. The newer gel versions of the same detergents however are more easily managed, or so I thought until recently when I have discovered a different problem particular to them alone. All is wonderful when the container is new and full but once down to the last 20% or so suddenly it becomes impossibly difficult to squeeze the container hard enough and long enough to get enough gel out for a wash. I have had to resort to asking my husband’s help for the past few weeks in order to use up the contents of the two gel detergents in the picture, and even he has had to struggle, saying it needs the strength of a gorilla to get the last stuff out! I’m guessing it’s probably something that happens with all the various brands. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s a shame because otherwise I find the gels a much cleaner and easier alternative, but for the time being I’ve reverted to using liquid, at least until the pain and weakness in my hands reduces, if ever.



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Bad hand days are here again


Experienced a long day of pain a couple of days ago so I dug out these little treasures. Their close-fitting warmth helped bring some relief. Wrist-warmer season is here again!

Apologies about the large lurid picture but this is my first attempt to post, with a picture, from my ipod, and I’m not sure how to edit to reduce the image size just now!

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I heard on the news this morning that a young women aged twenty-five had died last night outside in the snow.  It is not yet clear whether she fell or was taken ill but one wonders if she was conscious whether she had a mobile phone with her to be able to summon help.

A few years ago during similar weather conditions one night one of our friends  was out walking his dog in some local woods when he slipped and broke his leg.  He was unable to raise the alarm by mobile  because there was no signal and had he not been able to slowly and painfully crawl out of the wood and to the nearest house he too would have succumbed to a cold death.

Because of my condition, falling is my greatest fear and I don’t set foot outside if there is a risk of slipping on ice.  I don’t go walking down our (very) long garden if I am home alone in case I fall.  Even then, I take a phone with me;  but this can be a problem sometimes if I don’t have a pocket to carry it in.

My mother in her later years had Aid Call which saved her life a couple of times.  That system, and others like it, require the wearing of a device around the neck or wrist which can easily be pressed to summon help, but such services usually cost money and may not be a sufficiently justified expense for some less at-risk people.  Having one’s mobile always to hand could be a really useful if slightly less reliable alternative.  To this end I have made a little holster to carry my mobile and wear around my neck  when I am home alone.  It’s knitted from scraps of leftover yarn, and I may make several to compliment different outfits.


I think I will also make a few when time permits and put them up for sale on my blog in case others are interested but unable to make their own.

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How many photos do you have of yourself with your friends as a teenager? Nowadays I guess, on account of digital cameras and the internet, the answer for today’s teenagers is in the  hundreds, if not thousands!  Yet back in the fifties when I was experiencing my teenage years few of us thought to take photographs when we were out and about having fun.  Back then we did have  cameras  but a film would last us a long time inside a camera before being taken out and taken in to the chemists to be processed.  And as often as not many of the resulting photos proved to be a disappointment, usually due to operator error.

So when I saw the facebook competition currently being run by Arthritis Reasearch  I wondered what appropriate pictures, if any, that I might have to enable me to enter.  The chance of winning this competition appealed because I have wanted to revisit London for some time now but for various reasons it has proved too complicated and difficult.  The website entices, “Win a stay at a top London Marriott Hotel followed by afternoon tea at the Goring Hotel and a professional photo shoot”, so I thought I’d have a go.

Since the photos from my teenage years are few and far between I knew there was a limited choice.  The following picture of me and my friend Sue at Christmas time is a favourite, partly because I remember loving my dress so much at the time.


But seasonal as the pic is right now at this particular moment in time it would be a bit odd to recreate in spring or summer for the purposes of the photo shoot.  So I needed something different.  The competition requires a picture of the contestant as a teenager having fun with up to five friends.  That narrowed the choice down to just two photos that I could recall having available.  The terms and conditions of the competition require getting consent from each of the other people in the picture;  that left me with just  one of the two photos fitting the criteria, since in the picture shown below I never knew the names of some people, let alone whether they are even still alive today!


There do exist a few other photos from my actual teenage years, but the ones I can currently locate tend to be of me alone….here’s one of my favourites, taken during a Saturday morning art class for school pupils held at Leeds Art College:


Another small set are ‘somewhere safe’ which I have yet to discover, and they were taken with a group of friends in a student house in New Malden near Kingston-upon-Thames during the week that the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” album came out, so I would technically still have been a teenager,  that being five months away from my 20th birthday.  These though, even if I could lay my hands on them, would be of no use for the competition since again I have lost touch with the once- very-close friends within them.  I wonder how many teenagers or relatively young people reading this now could accurately guess which friends from now they will carry with them through to their mid-sixties?  I have been fortunate to have a  number of good friends throughout my life, some much closer than others.  One doesn’t imagine losing touch with any of them but it does happen, maybe less so nowadays thanks to the internet.

In the end there was really only one picture properly suitable for submission as an entry for this competition.  Here it is.


I am the one on the left in the picture. This was only about a year after I was released back into the community from the Marguerite Hepton Orthopaedic Hospital and having to after being confined to bed for almost a full year.  I was on holiday at the seaside resort of Bridlington for the week with Sue’s family and we three girls spent most days on the beach.  This photo was snapped by one of the photographers on the promenade one day as we were on our way there.  I don’t remember how much we paid for it but I am glad we have it as a memento of that time.  We used to make a lot of our own clothes in those days.  A yard and a half of fabric or even a lesser remnant from one of the stalls in Leeds market would make a simple skirt.  Gingham was the fashion of that particular moment in time and,  if I remember correctly, Sue’s skirt was pink and white and mine was mauve and white.

Anyway, back to the competition.  When I took the decision to enter I read  the terms and conditions pertaining to submitting an entry, the main one being getting the approval of the other people in the picture.  I rang Sue and was assured that both herself and her sister were up for it.  What I didn’t actually find to read through until several days later was the detail of what is included in the prize, or more importantly, what isn’t.  The prizewinner’s party have to pay for their own travel.  For us in the north of the UK this is potentially quite an expense.   Economical travel to London is possible but depends on booking well in advance, and having time to spare.  Unless travelling by car (more about that option later) arrival destination points in London are basically either Kings Cross station or Victoria coach station.

The hotel accomodation provided is at Twickenham.  To get into London from there requires a ten minute walk to Twickenham station, more than I could manage, and a twenty minute journey to Waterloo.  I’m not quite sure how far away from the Goring Hotel that actually is but it would necessitate travel by taxi for me to avail myself of the free afternoon tea.  And then we’d have to make a return trip of course.    You can see how the costs are mounting up.

Transport from the Marriott hotel IS provided to the studio however for the photoshoot, but there is no mention of when this would be.  I’m imagining it would most likely be in the morning, with the afternoon then free for the Goring experience.  But I’m rubbish in the early mornings, and presumably the competition organisers expect the winners to have arrived in Twickenham for their overnight stay the previous day.  This is fine, but after a morning photoshoot and afternoon tea at the Goring I would be in no fit state to cope with economy travel all the way back up north!  It would be far too long and tiring a day for me.  Also it would necessitate either returning to Twickenham to collect overnight luggage before travelling on to catch either a coach or a train from wherever, or carrying this with us to our afternoon tea.  I at least would need to pay for a second night at the Marriott or another more conveniently located hotel prior to making my return journey home.

Even were we to make the journey down south by car, if one of my friends were willing and able to drive, most of the travel problems already identified would still apply.  And last but not least, I haven’t been anywhere for the past few years without my carer, my husband.  I would be reluctant to travel and be away from home  with just my friend for support.  Although we are old friends I feel that the responsibility would be a bit of an imposition, therefore I would be better able to enjoy the experience if my husband could accompany me.  This would also then necessitate the additional cost  for his accomodation.

Originally the competition was due to have finished by now but the closing date has been extended until 4th January.  I’m still voting for myself each day because part of me would really like to win, despite all the practical and financial problems I have just identified.   Quite a few online friends seem to have voted for me too, but only they know who they are, apart from those who have declared their votes via facebook comments.  To read all the competition terms you have to click on the ‘submit an entry’ link and scroll down to the bottom.  Here it becomes apparent that the entry with the largest number of votes is not necessarily the winner, so I’m still in with a chance, if you’d like to vote for me

I have written this post about the competition to explain how it is for many of us who have and live with arthritis in one of its many forms.  I long to be able to visit London, mainly to go to art exhibitions,  museums or music events, but for all the reasons above it just isn’t possible.  I thought that the prize in this competition would  be an ideal treat should I be lucky enough to win, especially since it is being run by Arthritis Research UK presumably  for people who have arthritis, but perhaps the organisers haven’t thought sufficiently about the various ‘equal opportunities’ issues faced by all of the potential entrants?

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I have dedicated a separate page of this blog (https://phyzzezee.wordpress.com/introducing-the-phyzzezee-rizer-an-original-design-by-phyzzezee/) describing the development of my invention, a portable riser cushion, designed as an aid to help those who have difficulty sitting on seating that is too low for them to safely or comfortably access whilst out and about.   Whilst other ‘cushions’ are available all the ones I have seen seem to be designed with spinal comfort rather than lift in mind, and most are not easily portable, thus my design seems to me to be unique.   Here again are the pictures and details of what is available:

I have named my invention the PhyzzEzee Rizer because although it looks like a bag, the bag is merely a carrier for a riser cushion.  The bag is made of smooth, lightweight but durable waterproof fabric, in a dark forest green colour that tones well with most outfits.

It has a full length zip, and a strap so it can be worn over the shoulder.  The removable foam riser cushion meets fire regulation requirements and is available in different qualities varying in performance, weight and price.  I have also made the PhyzzEzee Rizer in two sizes:  there is the basic 34cm  square and, for the larger person, or someone who needs spare cushioning for painful arthritic hands when lifting themselves, the 34cm x 44cm rectangle.

All variations are non-bulky and  lightweight enough to be  comfortable to carry and ‘wear’ without causing the user extra stress.  The addition of a simple D-clip to the front strap means that a wrist purse (as in the picture on the beach)

or walking stick loop can easily be attached if required, for example when needing both hands free at a shop counter or till.

I have a few bags ready for immediate sale but once these are gone the PhyzzEzee Rizer will be available only by pre-order, with a 20% deposit payable at the time of ordering.  The sizes and prices available are as follows:

PhyzzEzee Rizer Basic – 34cm square x 7cm deep with basic foam cushion …………….. total price £24.00 plus P&P

with extra firm cushion ……………… total price £33.00 plus P&P

PhyzzEzee Rizer Large – 34cm x 44cm x 7cm deep with basic foam cushion …………… total price £28.00 plus P&P

with firm cushion ……………………. total price £38.00 plus P&P

The variation in prices reflect mainly the difference in the cost of the foam inserts.  The basic foam is acceptably adequate, especially for someone wanting to try out the product to see how useful it might be to them.  The Firm and Extra Firm cushions are considerably more expensive but provide better lift and cushioning for uneven or lower surfaces.  The basic foam is also a little lighter to carry.  It is possible to buy an additional cushion at a later date for interchangeable use with the same bag.  Prices for a cushion  insert alone will be supplied on request to any previous customer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please email me at  trish@black-mail.co.uk  .

P&P and payment options will be offered to suit individual requirements.

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